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Recent delayed flights with US Airways

Flight Number: Date: Start: Destination:
US731 30/03/2015 London Heathrow (LHR) Charlotte (CLT)
US735 13/06/2014 Manchester Int. (MAN) Philadelphia Int. (PHL)
US769 05/10/2012 Glasgow Int. (GLA) Philadelphia Int. (PHL)

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1937 US AWE

Mr & Mrs Grimshaw was delayed for 24 hours with US Airways and received €1200 compensation!

Flight No: Date: Distance: Start: Destination:
US735 / US743 26/06/2011 5526km Manchester Int. (MAN) Miami Int. (MIA)

My husband and I were travelling from Manchester to Philadelphia with US Airways. From Philadelphia we were travelling on to Miami for a once in a lifetime holiday! This was back in June 2011.

We were on an early morning flight, we checked in, got to the departure lounge but then there was an announcement that our flight had been delayed due to a mechanical fault. US Airways gave us a £5 food voucher each, not much at all considering we eventually ended up hanging around the airport all day.

At around 6 or 7PM we were told we would be flying out the following morning and would be put in a hotel overnight, luckily they provided us with an evening meal and one drink. Our delay ended up being around 24 hours long.

I had tried to claim from the airline myself, they weren’t very helpful and offered us an e-voucher to use against a future flight with them. This was no use to us, we had no plans to travel back to the US – this was after all a once in a life time holiday.

Then a few years later I started to hear a bit more in the media about flight delay compensation. After a quick search on Google I found Air Delay. The website was so easy to use, I just keyed in the flight details for myself and my husband, received regular updates about the status of my claim, until around 12 weeks later when my £700 compensation cheque arrived in the post!

I assume my claim took a bit longer than normal as the airline were stalling and five years had passed since we had the delay. My compensation money is in my savings account – I will probably put it towards another holiday.

I would definitely recommend Air Delay to friends and family, they got me the flight delay compensation I was owed.