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Recent delayed flights with KLM

Flight Number: Date: Start: Destination:
KL588 08/09/2019 Lagos (LOS) Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
KL1652 27/07/2019 Venice, Marco Polo Airport (VCE) Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
KL1530 27/06/2019 Durham Tees Valley (MME) Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
KL1049 07/06/2019 Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS) Bristol Int. (BRS)
KL1910 16/05/2019 Hannover (HAJ) Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
KL924 31/03/2019 Inverness (INV) Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
KL702 18/03/2019 Buenos Aires (EZE) Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
KL1540 04/03/2019 Leeds Bradford (LBA) Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
KL952 31/01/2019 Newcastle Int. (NCL) Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
KL1846 30/01/2019 Vienna Int. (VIE) Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)

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1919 KL KLM

Mrs Jenner was delayed for 24 hours with KLM and received €1200 compensation!

Flight No: Date: Distance: Start: Destination:
KL644 30/08/2010 5863km New York, John F Kennedy Int. (JFK) Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)

My husband and I were travelling back from New York, JFK to Schiphol airport after a holiday in August 2010. We checked in, boarded, got seated (we were travelling business class on this occasion) and were waiting to depart. After some time the captain came into the cabin and explained the flight had to be cancelled as the hold door was damaged.

The flight had been due to leave around midnight, luckily KLM organised hotel rooms for us, so at least we could get some sleep. We were also given a food voucher…. which we were not able to use in the hotel! My husband and I were both hungry but the hotel kitchen had closed already. The hotel staff told us about a Chinese restaurant, but we were just as tired as we were hungry so decided to skip food in favour of sleep!

Our flight ended up being delayed for 24 hours! KLM did keep us informed, so at least we knew what was happening.

Once back to the UK, I wrote to KLM to try to get some compensation. My husband and I incurred several expenses caused by the delay, parking, lost a day of work each, additional food and drinks etc. They were very hard to deal with, we even got a solicitor involved, but we just weren’t getting anywhere.

I fly a lot for business and have experienced quite a few delays, more recent than 2010. Again I tried to claim compensation myself, from another airline, again with no joy. Then I came across Air Delay, it was so easy.

I keyed in the flight details of each delayed passenger in my party, receive regular email updates, right up until I receive the compensation cheque in the post. This made me wonder if Air Delay could help me claim for the flight back in 2010. So I keyed in the details and found I was due compensation and could still claim. A couple of weeks ago (six years after the delayed flight) I received a cheque for €2,600 in the post.

I have recommended Air Delay to so many people now, and will continue to do so. Just the other day I told a colleague who had experienced a recent flight delay about them. To date, I have used Air Delay to claim flight delay compensation for 3 separate incidents from different airlines. My compensation money is sat in the bank – I will probably upgrade my bathroom with it and may have enough for a little holiday later on in the year as well.