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Had a flight delay with Germania?

  • Flight within the last 6 years?
  • Delayed over 3 hours?
  • Depart from OR arrive into an EU airport?

Claim up to €600/£540 compensation per passenger!

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Recent delayed flights with Germania

Flight Number: Date: Start: Destination:
ST9533 27/01/2018 Sofia (SOF) London Gatwick (LGW)
ST1938 22/09/2015 Norwich Int. (NWI) Palma De Mallorca (PMI)
ST2127 09/09/2015 Heraklion, Crete (HER) London Gatwick (LGW)
ST3595 08/09/2015 Heraklion, Crete (HER) Manchester Int. (MAN)
ST4002 07/09/2015 Manchester Int. (MAN) Corfu, Kerkyra Int. (CFU)
ST4195 30/05/2015 Rhodes (RHO) Manchester Int. (MAN)
ST4195 28/05/2014 Rhodes (RHO) Manchester Int. (MAN)

About Germania

Year Founded: EU Based? IATA: ICAO:
1978 ST GMI

Mr Harry was delayed for 3.5 hours with Germania and received €800 compensation!

Flight No: Date: Distance: Start: Destination:
ST4996 18/07/2015 2920km Manchester Int. (MAN) Kos (KGS)

My wife and I were flying from Manchester to Kos, with Germania Airline, for a holiday back in July 2015. Once we got to the airport we checked in and went through security. We kept looking at the departures board checking for our boarding details when it started saying delayed against the flight, I don’t recall the exact reason for the delay. We were eventually given a £5 voucher each – to spend on drinks and food during the wait, not that it went very far at airport prices!

In the end we were delayed for three and a half hours, we got no updates from the airline during this time, we just had to keep checking the departure board and wait … We had been supposed to land in Kos at Midnight but it as nearer 4 o’clock in the morning. Obviously we missed most of the first morning of our holiday completely and were both very tired for the first two days.

Nearly a year later I heard a few times about being able to claim against airlines for flight delays, and had a look online. At first I felt like I was going around in circles, I was not really able to establish if we were entitled to compensation or not. Then I came across the Air Delay website. I filled in the online form and received regular email updates. Then, about 2 months later our compensation cheques arrived in the post. My wife and I received €400 each!! We were absolutely delighted and used the money, almost straight, away to book another holiday for this October.

I would not hesitate to recommend Air Delay to anyone, in fact I recommended them to a friend just the other day, Air Delay are currently processing his claim!!