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1934 CO COA

Ms Mclaughlin was delayed for 9 hours with Continental Airlines and received €600 compensation!

Flight No: Date: Distance: Start: Destination:
CO17 19/10/2010 5196km Glasgow Int. (GLA) Newark Int. / New York (EWR)

Myself, a friend and my niece were travelling, with Continental, from Glasgow to Newark, New York on the 19th October 2010. It was a special holiday for us as it was my friends 60th birthday (on the 19th October) it was also my nieces’ 50th birthday while we were away!

If all had gone to plan we should have landed in New York at around 11 in the morning and had the whole day there, then later we were going to go out special 60th birthday meal that evening.

Once we got to the airport we were told that our flight had been delayed, we waited around for a while, hoping for good news and hoping that we would still make it in time for the evening celebrations at least. It was an important event for us.

A little later we were told that our flight had now been cancelled, and that we would be travelling the following day. We were really upset by this. We found a Continental representative and explained that we really had to be in New York on the 19th. They did sort of try to help, they got us on a flight to London and from there we traveled on to New York, unfortunately it was gone 11PM by the time we landed, we were all exhausted and did not manage to go out and celebrate my friend’s birthday as we had planned after all.

We did go on to have a fantastic holiday – but I felt that the airline really let us down. I tried to claim 2 or 3 times myself over the next five years. On one occasion Continental told me they had passed my claim to their lawyers, who said there was no case to answer. I even went to the CAA who told me I would have to get a lawyer and take Continental to court. I persisted and was eventually offered a $200 voucher which I could only redeem against one of their full price flights. This was not much use to me as it was a “special event” holiday and we were not planning on going back to the US anytime soon!

So when I saw the Air Delay advert pop up on Facebook, I thought I may as well give it a try, not really expecting much five years later and having been turned down by Continental so many times already!

I was absolutely over the moon when I was awarded €600 compensation. Air Delay had managed to get me my compensation after all this time. I immediately told my friend and niece, they submitted their claims immediately and got awarded the same amount. We will spend our compensation money on another holiday for all three of us, but somewhere in Europe this time!