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Had a flight delay with Air India?

  • Flight within the last 6 years?
  • Delayed over 3 hours?
  • Depart from OR arrive into an EU airport?

Claim up to €600/£540 compensation per passenger!

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Recent delayed flights with Air India

Flight Number: Date: Start: Destination:
AI130 02/07/2019 London Heathrow (LHR) Mumbai (BOM)
AI162 14/03/2019 London Heathrow (LHR) Delhi (DEL)
AI118 14/03/2019 Birmingham Int. (BHX) Amritsar (ATQ)
AI118 09/03/2019 Birmingham Int. (BHX) Amritsar (ATQ)
AI172 11/08/2018 London Heathrow (LHR) Ahmedabad (AMD)
AI114 23/09/2017 Birmingham Int. (BHX) Amritsar (ATQ)
AI130 20/09/2017 London Heathrow (LHR) Mumbai (BOM)
AI114 16/09/2017 Birmingham Int. (BHX) Delhi (DEL)
AI114 16/09/2017 Birmingham Int. (BHX) Delhi (DEL)
AI114 12/09/2017 Birmingham Int. (BHX) Delhi (DEL)

About Air India

Year Founded: EU Based? IATA: ICAO:
1932 AI AIC

Mrs Rai and family were delayed for 6.5 hours with Air India and received €1800 compensation!

Flight No: Date: Distance: Start: Destination:
AI114 08/02/2015 6407km Birmingham Int. (BHX) Amritsar (ATQ)

We were a party of 6 (2 grandparents, 2 parents and 2 children) travelling with Air India from Birmingham to Delhi, then from there getting a connecting flight on to Amritsar. This was in February 2015.

We got to Birmingham airport checked in and had made our way to the departure lounge, before we realised there was going to be a delay to our flight. There was not really any information given apart from the fact that there would be a 6-8 hour delay. We spoke to some other people at the boarding gate who had been delayed since the previous day, some others had been delayed for 3 days!

No one seemed to know why we were being delayed apart from there was a rumour that there was a problem with the engine. We were given a £3 food voucher each! Nowhere near enough for an 8-hour delay!

After an 8 hour delay leaving Birmingham airport, then an 8 hour flight to Delhi, we missed our connecting flight on to Amritsar. When we did get on the next available flight there was also a delay to that plane! Once we landed in Amritsar we had a two-and-a-half-hour drive to the village we were staying in. Needless to say it was a very exhausting trip.

A year or so later my wife travelled, and again, had a long flight delay, and was telling a relative about it who mentioned that we might be able to make a claim for flight delay compensation. We actually went back to the travel agent that we booked the flights through to find out a bit more about how we could claim.

The agents used Air Delay for handling claims and submitted for the recent flight there and then. I thought to mention the flight back in 2015 and the travel agent submitted a claim for that also. I received £350 compensation. The claim for my wife’s more recent flight delay is in progress with Air Delay at the moment.

I would definitely recommend Air Delay to my family and friends for flight delay compensation claims.