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Had a flight delay with Aegean Airlines?

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  • Delayed over 3 hours?
  • Depart from OR arrive into an EU airport?

Claim up to €600/£540 compensation per passenger!

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Recent delayed flights with Aegean Airlines

Flight Number: Date: Start: Destination:
A3531 17/12/2017 Frankfurt Int. (FRA) Thessaloniki (SKG)
A3603 25/07/2016 London Heathrow (LHR) Athens Int. (ATH)

About Aegean Airlines

Year Founded: EU Based? IATA: ICAO:
1987 A3 AEE

Mr & Mrs McKeown were delayed for 3.5 hours with Aegean Airlines and received €800 compensation!

Flight No: Date: Distance: Start: Destination:
A34440 13/07/2015 2568km Corfu, Kerkyra Int. (CFU) Belfast Int. (BFS)

My partner and I were returning from a holiday in Corfu, flying back from Kerkyra to Belfast with other family members.

We had already been left waiting for over two hours before we were told that our flight was actually going to be delayed. The airline advised us that the plane was imbalanced but we were given no further information and no further updates– we just had to keep checking for the new boarding time!

We had to stay in the Terminal building and the airline did not give us any drinks, food or vouchers, even though the delay ended up being over five hours. Our flight had been due to land in Belfast at 9AM. My dogs were in kennels and I had only booked them in up to 12 noon on our return date, so because of the delay there was an extra 3 hours boarding to pay for.

We knew we could claim for the flight delay as it was over a 3-hour delay, but it was made so easy with Air Delay. The online application form was straight forward and very easy to complete, then we were sent regular email updates right up until we received our compensation. My partner spent our compensation (almost straight away!) on another holiday.

And now we definitely know who to use to handle any future claims for flight delays.