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Had a Flight Delayed in the Last 6 Years?

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Under EU Regulations, any flight which has been delayed for more than 3 hours could be entitled to compensation up to £540.

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Delayed Flight Compensation

If you have had a flight delayed or cancelled within the last 6 years then you could be entitled to delayed flights compensation, of up to £540 per passenger under EU regulation 261.

To qualify for compensation you would need to have been delayed from reaching your final destination by a minimum of 3 hours and the delay would need to have been caused by something which is considered inside the airline’s control.

Things such as technical problems, staffing issues are ok to claim for, but you will be generally unable to claim for delay’s caused by strikes (industrial action) and severe weather.

Claiming Compensation

Air Delay can handle the whole process from start to finish (up to and including court action if necessary) on a no win, no fee basis. If successful, our fee is a flat rate of 30% (including VAT) of the compensation value, which remains the same even if our solicitor has to handle your case or we need to take the airline to court.

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found on our FAQ page or if you have any queries not answered there, feel free to email us via help@airdelay.co.uk or give us on: 01606 800135

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